I’m On a Boat in Tahoe!

“Let’s motor!”

I went on a quick Lake Tahoe trip with a group of cool manly men from my church. Here are a few quick snapshots that summarize the awesome fun that took place on this 30 hour overnight trip. ūüôā

Shot with: 50mm 1.8

I’m On a Boat in Tahoe!

@KDTrey5 in Downtown Chinatown

Earlier this week, I was SUPER fortunate to be able to attend a community event featuring the Warriors organization and Kevin Durant for Oakland Chinatown thanks to an invitation from my friend Theresa (shout out to Theresa)!

Kevin Durant and his charity, KD Charity Foundation, have been building and refurbishing indoor and outdoor courts around the country, and Oakland Chinatown was their latest community to give back to. My friend signed me up as 16 and surprisingly I passed (good thing I shaved that morning) LOL. I got a free shirt. I got to sit with the kids in a special section. I got to shoot and do some drills on the court that the chaperones could not do. It pays to look young I guess. ūüėÄ

Oaklandish Brand Sponsored Tees
KD Trey 5 Speech
All In for the Kids


KD Fan
Basketball Never Stops
Community Driven


Perhaps one of the biggest class acts off the court, Kevin Durant gives back to all the communities he has been in. In Oklahoma, and now Oakland, he has always worked closely with the underserved schools and continues his close relationships with them by lending a helping hand during the busy NBA season.

I got to see Wanda earlier this year, and now I got to see her son as well. This year has been pretty cool. ūüôā

I’ll be the first to admit, the quality of my shots went down and I was¬†more biased with the shot selection simply because of the subject (a superstar NBA player) that is in it. I’m like, “Oh cool shot, Kevin Durant!” when in reality it was a boring shot because I am distracted and I forget about all the technique and composition. I think that happens with all of us depending on what we’re shooting. I was so starstruck, and at the same time, I was so preoccupied with trying to take in the experience and trying to get the best shot I could possibly get of one of my favorite players all simultaneously, and that is a recipe for spraying and praying. You shoot many more shots than you need to, while the quality of your shots goes down because you don’t really take your time. I only used a 50mm because of convenience and portability, but I wish I had a zoom lens for this occasion.

Shot with: 50mm 1.8

@KDTrey5 in Downtown Chinatown


One of the great things about photography is the connection with people, especially fellow photographers.


You are moving around on the street with your hipster brown leather camera strap hanging off your shoulder with¬†one hand gracing¬†the camera grip as your eyes survey the surroundings. You are¬†ready to prow on your next prey (a random person on the street that will be your next victim in your upcoming series of candid street portraits, #MakePortraits #PursuitofPortraits). Then, you see someone at the end of the street walking towards your general direction. They have nice, slick hair and they’re wearing skinny jeans and boots. You look up and you see they also have a DSLR, AND¬†they also have the same hipster brown leather camera strap. You think to yourself, “They¬†probably have more followers than me… I bet they’re instafamous and are always featured on @feedbacknation, @artofvisuals, and @livefolk.” Your paths are about to cross so you decide you should look up and make eye contact to give them a head nod or greeting because you guys are the only ones with cool cameras on the block, and you guys got that super tight photography connection that everyone with a camera has. They’re getting closer and you feel like this could be your next Instagram follower.

Then, you shy away because you’re an introvert and you don’t feel like socializing with strangers that day so you look away after making seemingly long eye contact and carry on with your photography life.

If you made it down here, thanks for reading all that. You’re probably wondering how that was related to the title. It actually¬†wasn’t directly related to the title. Sorry for misleading you. This post is just about someone I met at Golden Gate Park a couple months ago. It is actually an excuse to post a couple portraits of him to show you guys that I am not like the person in the paragraph above. I am all about that friendly connection with fellow photographers because:

We are one. United we stand, or united we shoot. Lol.

Anyways, this is Vlad, and when I saw him, #FilmIsNotDead was literally the first thing that popped up in my head. He really embodies the #FilmIsNotDead movement (is it a movement?). He is a super colorful dude, literally and personality-wise! I am glad I got to meet Vlad and chat with him for almost exactly five minutes. He even pointed out different places to shoot at in SF and told me his secret go-to spots.


Shot with: 50mm 1.8