Firsts: Mount Tamalpais

Nature’s got curves, and of all the peaks in the West Coast, Tamalpais has the curviest of curves if you know what I’m sayin’… 😉

I still can’t believe that in the twenty-two years of my life in the Bay Area, I had never hiked Mount Tamalpais, even though it is a semi-short sixty minute drive from my home (which feels like thirty if you’re driving with some of your funnest friends). Either that, or I was just too young to remember if my parents ever took me there. We will just say that this is the first time I have consciously, on my own will, hiked up the luscious, green hills of Mount Tam. I got to venture up there with my bro Dakota last Friday on a clear, spring day to get away from the city for a few hours.

If you hadn’t noticed yet, I ordered the set by daylight, from the ascent up Mt. Tam in the afternoon sunlight to the peak of golden hour, and then to the end of the descent back down at sunset so you can visually hike along with us. 🙂

Typically, when I see pictures of Mt. Tam on Instagram or elsewhere, I think of the rolling hills and fog and clouds through the hills and trees, but I wanted to see if I could grab something different since it was such a clear day. Dakota made that easy because I was always able to use him as the subject and capture his experience as well as mine together. Thanks Dakota.

I’m definitely bringing a date up here one day, and then I’m gonna blog about it here… 😛

Shot with: 50mm 1.8

Firsts: Mount Tamalpais