Welcome to my photo blog where original content will be posted weekly!

A little about me:
I’m just a kid from the Bay (California), and I am a nurse and amateur photographer. Outside of photography, I love sneakers and I love to hoop. And I can’t forget, go Warriors and Raiders! šŸ˜€

Where it started:
Photography started for me right after high school during a trip to Alaska, where I desperately wanted to learn to capture the beauty before me so I jumped into photography that year and with the guidance of a couple phriends (photographer friends) and the vast resourcesĀ on the internet, I learned the ropes pretty quickly.

What I like to shoot:
I initially wanted to get into landscape photography, but it bloomed into many other genres as I continued learning. It even gave me the chance to shoot sports. My main genres now are street, portrait, and landscape photography. I’ll be trying out new things here and there, and I will definitely be posting my first time experiences here for you to follow along!

In general, the vibe of my photos are minimal and natural. I love natural light, and I hate overly edited and photoshopped images. I LOVE journalism & storytelling images that have an artistic twist to it. I also love negative space and black and white, butĀ I try my best to not overdo black and white. I like breaking rules as well. šŸ™‚

Primary gear:
Nikon D750
Nikkor 50 1.8
Nikkor 105 2.8
Nikkor 80-200 2.8
NikkorĀ 14-24 2.8

Galaxy S7