For my first post of 2018! and technically, I can still say “Happy New Year” on 3/2/2018 because it is the Lunar New Year!

Here are my hopes for this year.

A few of my goals for my blog and my photography this year is, well, to just be more. More posts. More shots. More trips outside of my house with the camera. More glass. More $$$ spent on gear. Lol. Jk on the last.

I’ve been so focused on work and too tired to willingly put effort into anything else (and tbh, been feeling creatively dry the last few months because of it), but I’m learning to stretch myself while balancing work life and social life. My other goals are for an official website sometime this summer with a brand logo (perhaps?), and simply more photoventures! As of now, I’m thinking Grand Canyon, Zion, and California spots like JTree and Death Valley. Your input about places I should go this year is definitely welcome!

Anyways, stay tuned to see if I’m all talk or about that action! 🙂

Point Reyes (Nov. 2017)

Shot with: 50mm 1.8


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